Hi, I’m Thomas

I love product design. To me, it’s means building a helpful, efficient, beautiful and pure product.
Concept and launch a powerful product is complex and the way to success is constantly changing. This is why each project is a huge opportunity to challenge and to improve myself.
Develop a powerful product is design user experience. It’s means a lot to me. It is an opportunity to help people to improve their lives by accomplishing tasks or solving problems for them. A lot of skills are needed to do this. My capacity to understand the benefits of each of them is my biggest strength. I am the guarantor of the product’s vision throughout each step of the process.

Wisdom comes from Experiences

Product manager

2016 – present

I use my skills and experiences to help people to build the best product they need.

  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Active listening
  • Workshop animation
  • Needs analysis  
  • Harmonisation of the product-marketing strategy


2013 – 2015

As co-founder of the company, I was in charge of the products development from conception to the launch and also the daily execution of the business strategy.

  • Global business vision management
  • Business monitoring
  • Products management
  • UX design
  • Mobile and web applications development


Oxygène interactive
2012 – 2013

In this digital web agency, I was in charge of all the production aspects.

  • Products and Team management
  • Process and Quality management
  • Projects portfolio management
  • Customers relationship management

Project manager

2009 – 2012

My first job evolved very quickly from developer to project manager.

On this technology and medical environment I developed strong skills on process and risk management.

  • Quality and Process management (Gamp 5)
  • Change management
  • International projects management
  • Preparation for external audits
  • Development of web applications



During all my studies, I built websites and online applications to improve my skills and for extra spending money.

  • Independence and Autonomy
  • Technical improvement
  • Customer relationship management
  • Project management initiation

Latest Work


The smart guys sandbox

Preparatory class
UTBM University

The way to become smart. I discover my passion for computer sciences during this training program thanks to awesome teachers!

The technicians Factory

DUT (diploma from an institute of technology)
Lyon I  University

It was a very good training program to learn technical skills and to train my brain in problem solving.

The talents nurcery

Computer science engineer
G4 Institute

During this training, I learned to expand my vision of making product. I discovered all the set of skills needed to build very good products.


During my career, I participated in some training programs to constantly improve myself.
Here are the most noteworthy:

Founder Institute
2014 at San Francisco – 4 months

A huge and complete program to become a talented entrepreneur.

Boost In Lyon
2015 – 6 months

A startup program focused on customer’s needs.

2012 – 4 days

A very strong training program to learn the SCRUM project management method.


In my point of view, small things matter.

That is why I want to share with you the little daily things that make me a unique personne.



I practice daily Vipassana meditation. 2 hours each day to train my mind to see things as they really are. It’s a powerful tool to learn about myself, to free my mind and to be happy.

Many times a year, I improve my technique by going to meditation retreats for 10 days of intense practice ; these are deep and magical moments.


Like a lot of people, I like to cook and to eat good food. However, for me food is more than just a pleasurable or  mandatory things to do for survival, it’s a way of life.

I became a vegetarian. I did this for my health, the health of the earth and because I like animals as well.

I consider food as my first medicine, That is why I constantly learn how to improve it. It’s a way to be healthy and happy in the same time.



I really like adventure. To me, the best play area to have adventure is in nature. That is why I  spend most of my free time in the mountains to practice mountaineering, trekking, climbing and skiing etc.

All those activities help me to stay connected to nature and to get a hold of good energy.


Today, running is like my mediation practice but in movement. Like mediation, running is now a part of my life. I regularly practice ultra-trail, meaning that I’m able to run more than 10 hours continuously in the mountains. Practicing this sport is a beautiful way to challenge myself.


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